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Rare Secondary Market - Framed: $1,795

Print will be framed with D-Day Patch: Para Wings: Photos of the 101st - Suede and Alpha Matts: Spacers: UV Plexi: Multi Wing Windows and Black Leather Frame:

May 7, 1945…With Goering’s champagne and Bavarian beer, the veterans of “Easy” Company celebrate the end of World War II in Europe. Fate could write no better fate for the paratroopers who jumped into the darkness of Normandy, slugged through the mud of Holland, and froze in the woods of Bastogne. Now, in Berchtesgaden’s storybook Alps, P-51 Mustangs of the “checkertail clan” cap the party as the ‘Band of Brothers’ enjoy the spoils of war, the beauty of peace, and a toast to the heroes who fell along the way.

The painting The Eagle’s Nest was completed in 2008, and is the 3rd “Band of Brothers” painting in Shaw’s series honoring the men of Easy Company. Commissioned by and published as a lithograph by the Pennsylvania-based Valor Studios, this painting features likenesses of a number of the actual Band of Brothers. From left to right at table: Sgt.Earl McClung, Sgt. Bull Randleman, Sgt. Shifty Powers, Lt. Ed Shames, unknown, PFC “Babe” Heffron, Sgt. Rod Strohl, Sgt. Floyd Talbert. Standing: Maj. Dick Winters, Alton Moore, unknown, Capt. Ron Speirs, Lt. Jack Foley. In back seat of car: PFC Clancy Lyall (with German hat) and above him, Frank Perconte. The two P-51s approaching are of the 325th “checkertail clan”, the specific aircraft “Alp Scalper”, flown by 10-victory pilot Gerry Edwards, and “King Richard VI”, flown by Ron Dove.

This is the most wonderful print - and the more you look at it - the more you love it. The detail is incredible and if you purchase this special print - you will get hours of pleasure looking at it in your Den or Library.

THE EAGLES NEST by JOHN SHAW (101st Airborne: Checkertail Clan: D-Day: P-51 Mustang:)


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