Gary Velasco

Specializing in Vintage Aircraft Nose Art 
from the 20th Century

We proudly present our Fighting Colors Victory collection of WW II Nose Art panel reproductions and Full Scale Fuselage Hull section Sculptures

We have painstakingly researched all available records of the art work, aircraft and units they were attached to in replicating each panel represented in our catalog. The photos used in this site are for identification purposes only and to verify the accuracy and quality of the art work. The reference photos vary from one to another because of film type, exposure settings and development times. These inconsistencies most often make it difficult to determine the correct shades of paint (faded most of the time) at the time the photo was taken. Therefore, we try to adhere to a high standard of quality without taking too many artist liberties in our effort to re-create the best possible rendition of the original art work as it appeared on the aircraft. We do not employ weathering techniques to enhance our panels unless specified .