R.G. Smith

R.G. Smith is one of the finest aviation artists in the World - and the prints shown below take your breath away, they are so gorgeous. He worked for McDonnell Douglas for many years and many of his most famous paintings were done during that time.

His Daughter Shar now represents his Gallery and we are proud to work with her to bring you the work of this incredible artist.

Many years ago, when I first started bringing my shows to California - I met R.G. through his friend, Bill Bettis, who owns "The Nieuport 17" Restaurant in Tustin, California.  Bill used to host dinners for us when we were in town - and General Doolittle, General Le May, R.G. and many other famous pilots would be seated at one table. I look back on it now and did not realise what an incredible part of history I was taking part in.

I hope you enjoy this body of work as much as I do - along with the memories of dear R.G. Smith, who was the most modest of men.

R.G.'s images are available in either Paper or Canvas Giclee Editions: The sizes and prices available are listed below -

14" x 21" $445
18" x 24" $650
24" x 32" $1,155
30" x 40" $1,800
36" x 48" $2,592