Steve Heyen

Steven Heyen was born in Papua New Guinea and grew up all around the world, including Fiji, Kenya, Indonesia and Malaysia. Drawing was his principal form of entertainment - usually ships, aircraft, animals and soldiers. He began painting in oil paints in his early teens and continued painting through the eighties and nineties, focusing mainly on wildlife and aviation subjects.

In 2000 Steven decided to focus purely on landscape art for a few years. Curiously, the years spent in this genre enhanced his aviation art, which he continues to sell to a ready global market.

Today he splits his painting load between landscape and aviation art. We are pleased to feature his aviation work, which focuses primarily on World War 1 & 2 subjects. He meticulously researches each painting, ensuring that minor details are attended to; the fall of light on metallic surfaces, the weathering of painted surfaces, and the light experienced at altitude. He pays particular attention to creating realistic compositions to convey the emotions and conditions of an encounter, or of a particular period. For example, the cold at height, the fear and loneliness as a bomber becomes aware of an imminent attack by fighters, thirty thousand feet up, or the sensations of high altitude, where a battle take on an entirely new perspective.