“A Deadly Game of Chicken” by Roy Grinnell

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Signed by Ace Darrell Welch

Signed Edition: $95 Overall size: 17" x 22" :

B-17’s are outbound headed for home, about 40 miles North of their target, Bizerte, Tunisia. It is about noon, March 23, 1943.

Captain Darrell Welch is in command of the twelve ship escort from the 1st FG, 27th FS. Two Me109 G-4’s make an attack on the rear ships of one flight. Captain Welch turns into them and Oberleutnant Wolfgang Dreifke, of JG 53, finds himself head to head with Welch who hits him very hard with the 4 – 50’s and 20mm of the P-38, forcing Dreifke to leave a burning airplane as the outcome from this “deadly game of chicken.”

This is Darrell’s 2nd victory. The following day, he takes command of the 27th FS. He will finish the war with 5 confirmed victories over the Mediterranean in Sky Ranger.