“A Shot of Old Crow” by Virginia Bader Fine Arts Gallery

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Signed by Col. Bud Anderson

April 11, 1944. Capt. Clarence “Bud” Anderson is flying his now famous P-51B “Old Crow” west of Hanover, Germany, leading “Chambers White” flight.

On this escort mission, Anderson gets his 2nd kill. On this head on pass with a Me-109 getting he gets many hits on the Me-l09’s nose. Anderson stated, “I fired short bursts. I could see incendiaries bursting all over the front of the l09. The propeller flew off! The engine cowling blew off! Then off came the canopy and out came the pilot.” Behind Anderson was 1st Lt. Ed Simpson flying Chamber’s White #3. He confirmed Anderson’s victory.

This victory was just the beginning for Bud, by wars end, his contribution to the war effort meant 16 less Messerschmitt- 109 to harass our bombers.

During his entire combat flying Bud flew with the 357 fighter Group, flying the P-51 Mustang

Overall size 17" x 22" - $95.00