“Awaiting the Call” by Robert Taylor

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At 20.30hrs on 16 May 1943, a modified Lancaster of 617 Sqn with its massive ‘bouncing bomb’ clearly visible, stands at dispersal at RAF Scampton while her crew await the call to embark on their daring mission to the great dams of the Ruhr valley - Operation Chastise.

Robert perfectly captures the tense atmosphere in preparation for the raid, proving once again his position as the world’s most collected aviation artist.

This superb piece acts as a lasting tribute to all those who took part in the raid and it’s therefore fitting that three Dambuster veterans have signed the print:

  • Sqn Ldr LES MUNRO - Pilot of Lancaster AJ-W (pictured)
  • Cpl MAUREEN STEVENS - R/T Operator at RAF Scampton
  • Sqn Ldr GEORGE ‘JOHNNY’ JOHNSON - Bomb Aimer on Lancaster AJ-T