“Bavarian Wolves” Anthony Saunders

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Having left their base at Vienna-Seyring, Staffelkapitän Alfred Hammer leads Messerschmitt Bf109s from 6./JG53 on a defensive patrol through the Bavarian Alps, January 1944.

In his breath-taking painting, leading aviation artist Anthony Saunders has fittingly chosen to depict one of the oldest fighter units in the Luftwaffe to represent all those who flew Messerschmitt Bf109s in combat during WWII.

Now reproduced as a fine art Limited Edition and printed onto borders that were personally signed many years ago, each copy carries the authentic autographs of two distinguished Luftwaffe Aces who took part in many critical combat missions across the European theatre during WWII. Since signing, both pilots have sadly passed away giving even greater meaning to the release and adding great historical interest.

Knight’s Cross & German Cross in Gold / 121 victories

Iron Cross 1

The Remarque Editions

Widely considered as some of the best and largest in the industry, Anthony’s unique pencil remarques are individually created in the lower margin of the print.

These are a perfect way to collect original art but demand for these superb creations is such that we urge collectors to reserve their remarques early to avoid disappointment.