“Berlin Boar Fight” by Anthony Saunders Part of “The Night Skies Over the Reich” Portfolio

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The Night Skies Over The Reich Portfolio - Two beautiful new prints by British Artist Anthony Saunders - shows the bitter struggle in the night skies over Germany between the RAF and The Luftwaffe: “Berlin Boar Fight” and “Night Hunters.”

On the night of 23/24 August 1943, a lone Fw190 of the Luftwaffe’s crack unit JG300 Wilde Sau, defiantly engages a force of RAF Lancasters in the heavily defended, flak-torn skies over Berlin. With the heavy bombers illuminated by bursting flak and the fires of the burning city below, the Luftwaffe pilot engages his target, just one of over 700 RAF long-range bombers thrown into the assault that night.

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