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Limited Edition of 400 : $250
Overall Print Size 22" x 28"

Each print co-signed by Two-War Ace Lt. Col. John F. "Jack" Bolt.

In Black Sheep Sweep we see Lt. John Bolt and Maj. Henry Miller of VMF-214 as they begin a dive in their F4U Corsairs onto a formation of Japanese Zekes. The action took place over Saint George’s Channel on December 23, 1943. In the ensuing air battle Lt. Bolt shot down two Zekes and Maj. Miller accounted for one. This Fighter sweep was flown in conjunction with a bomber strike on the Japanese forces at Rabaul and netted the Black Sheep Squadron a total of 11 Zekes and 2 Tonys. The two Zekes claimed by Lt. Bolt that day raised his total to five confirmed victories. His final score for WWII was six. Bolt went on the fly in the Korean War where he added six MiGs to his tally making him the only Marine Jet Ace and the Navy's only Two-War Ace. John Bolt passed away on September 8, 2004 after a battle with Leukemia.