“Bombing Up Tommy” Anniversary Edition by Richard Taylor

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THE LIMITED EDITION  $75.00  Edition Size - 85

THE ARTIST PROOFS  $150.00 Edition Size - 15

THE REMARQUES  $545.00 Edition Size - 15

THE DOUBLE REMARQUES (subject to availability)  $875.00 Edition Size - 10


Operation Chastise - the famous attacks on the great dams of the Ruhr valley by the Lancasters of 617 Sqn are known as perhaps the most daring precision air raid in history. As a fitting tribute, Richard Taylor's outstanding painting depicts the scene just a few hours before departure, on the afternoon of 16 May 1943 at RAF Scampton as the hardworking ground crews of 617 Squadron ready their Lancasters in preparation for the night’s raid.

In the foreground Lancaster AJ-T ‘Tommy’ is loaded with Barnes Wallis’ ingenious ‘Upkeep’ bouncing bomb which will later be called into use by Pilot Joe McCarthy. After their original aircraft AJ-Q ‘Queenie’ developed a last minute coolant leak McCarthy and his crew switched to Lancaster AJ-T which as a reserve aircraft was not fitted with the twin Aldis lamps needed to calculate the correct height; Bomb Aimer George ‘Johnny’ Johnson and the crew knew that once they reached the target the odds would be stacked against them. Nevertheless with dogged determination they finally got airborne at 22.01 hrs and headed for their target – the Sorpe Dam.

‘Concentration was key and everyone was playing his part. Joe never took us above about 100 feet or below 200mph, with Bill (Radcliffe, the Flight Engineer) coaxing every last morsel of performance out of the Merlins to tRyan to make up time.’
George ‘Johnny’ Johnson MBE DFM

After nine aborted attempts, ‘Johnny’ was satisfied enough to release their bomb and at 00.46 hrs on the morning of 17 May, they scored a direct hit! 

 Overall print size: 24” wide x 12 ½” high Each print is individually numbered and signed by the artist Richard Taylor.


For those collectors who want something more Richard Taylor will hand-craft an original drawing in the lower margin of each print. Every remarque is individually drawn to order making each one different and unique.

Each print in the exclusive remarque editions is personally signed by the artist and the Bomb Aimer of Lancaster
T-Tommy, the last surviving British Dambuster:

The Bomb Aimer on Lancaster AJ-T 'Tommy' that attacked the Sorpe Dam

Richard is regarded as one of the most gifted pencil artists in the industry and these exclusive editions, limited to just fifteen copies worldwide plus ten DOUBLE remarques – with a larger and even more elaborate drawing – are finished in the graphite and paint combination that has gained him such international acclaim.

If you have any particular idea in mind, such as a specific Dambusters aircraft, please ask when placing your order and we will do our best to accommodate.