“By the Dawn’s Early Light” by John Shaw

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Commemorating the AVG raid at Chiang Mai, Thailand on March 24, 1942. A small group of Claire Chennault’s famed AVG embarked on an extremely hazardous early-morning raid against the Southeast Asian headquarters of the Japanese Air Force at Chiang Mai. Shown here is First Vice Squadron leader Charles R. Bond, pulling out of his fourth low-level strafing pass.

Print endorsed with Original signatures of at least 28 AVG members:
Charlie Bond, Vice Sqd. Leader
Carl K. Brown, Flight Leader,
Irving Gove, Crew Chief,
Al Kaelin, Admin. Clerk,
Willard Musgrove, Crew Chief,
Don Rodewald, Armorer,
L Joe Rosbert, Flight Leader,
Dick Rossi, Flight Leader
Fritz Wolf, Flight Leader,
George Bailey, Crew Chief,
Morton ‘Twisty’ Bent, Operations,
David ‘Tex’ Hill, Squadron Leader,
Robert ‘Buster’ Keeton, Flight Leader,
Bob Layher, Flight Leader,
Charlie Mott, Flight Leader,
Ed Rector, Vice Squadron Leader,
Peter Wright, Flight Leader,
Frank A. Andersen, Crew Chief,
Charles Baisden, Armorer,
Paul Clouthier, Operations,
Ken Jernstedt, Flight Leader,
Paul J. Greene, Flight Leader,
Frank Losonsky, Crew Chief
Chuck Older, Flight Leader,
Joe Poshefko, Armorer,
R.J. ‘Catfish’ Raine, Flight Leader,
Erik Shilling, Flight Leader
Ed Stiles, Crew Chief,
Ed Fobes, Admin. Clerk,
‘Red’ Foster Petach, Nurse,
‘Rich’ Richardson, Communications,
Robert M. Smith, Communications,
John Young, Engineering.

Part of a limited edition for the Flying Tigers Association
Image size 31″ x 17.5″ Overall size 37″ x 27″