“Co-Operation” by Keith Burns

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The crew of a crippled B-17G Flying Fortress from the US Eighth Air Force receive emergency treatment from RAF medics after making a forced landing at an RAF airfield following a daylight raid deep into Germany.

To win the Guild of Aviation Artists’ prestigious “Aviation Painting of the Year” is no easy task. The award, sponsored by BAE Systems plc – one of the largest defence and aerospace companies in the world – involves the very best aviation paintings submitted to the Guild’s Annual Exhibition, judged by an independent panel of experts. Winning the award is a monumental task, but in 2016 that is exactly what Keith did with this masterpiece, CO-OPERATION.

Using his superb technical ability to craft this dramatic and inspirational scene, it’s clear why this award-winning picture is held in such high regard. The title CO-OPERATION says it all – the close bond that existed between the Royal Air Force and the United States Eighth Air Force throughout World War II visibly expressed by Keith’s heartfelt image. RAF medics are quickly on hand to help the crew of a badly-damaged Eighth Air Force B-17G Flying Fortress that has made a forced landing on an RAF airfield. With badly wounded crewmen on board unable to bale out, the American bomber’s Captain has had no choice but to struggle back to England and put down on the first airfield he could find. It doesn’t matter that this is an RAF station – as the closest of allies, everyone is in this together.

Overall Print Size: 27 ¾” wide x 19 ¼” high Image Size: 24 ¾” wide x 13 ¼” high

We are pleased to announce that limited edition prints of this dramatic, award-winning painting are now available to collectors. Each copy is personally signed by artist Keith Burns, hand-numbered and issued with its own unique Certificate of Authenticity.