“Cold War Vigil” Philip West

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Limited Edition 15.5x19”: $105

Artist Studio Edition 27.5x19.5”: $133

Remarque Edition 27.5x19.5”: $300

To deter a nuclear attack by the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War, NATO deployed its own nuclear forces throughout Europe. The 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force (2ATAF) consisted of the air forces of Germany, Holland, Belgium and the RAF in Germany. During the period, the RAF mounted Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) at four bases along the Dutch/German border. The painting depicts the scramble of a nuclear armed 14 Squadron Canberra B(i)8 at RAF Wildenrath in 1969. Fortunately, the ‘scramble’ turned out to be a practice to check reaction times.

All Editions are signed and numbered by the Artist.  You will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

Individual Biographies of each signatory included.

Artist Remarque Edition and Artist Studio Collection; Signed by 8 former 14 squadron aircrew;

 Tim Price (Navigator)

Tony Cassidy (Pilot)

Cliff Hilliker (Pilot)

Peter Hawksley (Navigator)

Jeremy Lane (Pilot)

Stuart Stringer (Navigator)

Roy Trotter (Navigator)

Alan Tyers (Pilot)