“Night Hunters” by Anthony Saunders Part of “The Night Skies Over the Reich” Portfolio

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The Night Skies Over The Reich Portfolio - Two beautiful new prints by British Artist Anthony Saunders - shows the bitter struggle in the night skies over Germany between the RAF and The Luftwaffe.  “Berlin Boar Flight” and “Night Hunters”

Leutnant Jorg Cypionka of 10./NJG11 engages a powerful incoming force of fast, high-flying RAF Mosquitos from 139 (Jamaica) Squadron (PFF) in one of his unit’s few remaining ME262A jets. The Mosquito crews, however, know the dangers of these hotly contested skies over Berlin only too well.

Overall Size: 26½” wide x 195⁄8” high

Anthony Saunders’ powerful painting Night Hunters depicts this legendary endgame as adversaries engage in deadly duels over Berlin.

Each print has been personally signed by two highly respected veterans who flew Mosquito's over Berlin and one of the Luftwaffe's most prominant Me262 night-fighter pilots:

Limited Edition of 350: $135 Purchased Singly
Artist Proof Edition of 25: $200 Purchased Singly
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