“D-Day The Airborne Assault” by Robert Taylor

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GICLEE CANVAS EDITION: $695     38” wide x 24” high .

SPECIAL EDITION SECONDARY MARKET PRINT: $1995 This three print set is signed by Bob Hope, Charlton Heston, Secretary of Defence Bob Gates and Field Marshall Edwin Bramall  in addition to the artist.  The prints are matted and framed in archival materials.

 “With his unrivalled flair and talent Robert Taylor's superb image is one of the most iconic portrayals of the D-Day airborne assault of all time….”

It began shortly after midnight on 6 June 1944 when two American and one British Airborne Division started to drop en-masse into Normandy. Their mission: to secure the flanks for the mighty amphibious armada heading towards the invasion beaches. As dawn broke to reveal the bullet-swept beaches below, overhead the skies were still filled with troop-carrying aircraft towing gliders heading for the drop zones.

Robert Taylor’s iconic masterpiece D-Day - The Airborne Assault has been hailed by many leading veterans as the most realistic portrayal of D-Day air events rendered by any artist. Seen crossing a section of the invasion beaches, and closely escorted by P-51Bs of the 354th Fighter Group, C-47s of the 438th TCG tow CG-4 Waco gliders bringing in yet more reinforcements for the 82nd Airborne Division.

38” wide x 24” high

Unsurprisingly the signed lithographic edition sold out shortly after its publication exactly twenty years ago on the 50th Anniversary of D-Day. But now, on the historic occasion of the 70th Anniversary, the most advanced high-definition Giclée technology has allowed us to faithfully replicate this iconic painting onto canvas creating a Museum Collectors item that will provide history enthusiasts with an outstanding piece to be treasured for a lifetime

“These Giclée Proofs are so impressive, they are as close to my original painting….as it’s possible to achieve on reproduced format” Robert Taylor