“Danger, Lightning Nearby” by Roy Grinnell

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Signed by Ace Charles H. MacDonald and 10 additional P-38 Aces.

Limited Edition Print: $275

December 25, 1944, South of Clark Field, Philippine Islands. Col. Charles H. MacDonald P-38 Ace is going for his 3rd victory of the day. Mac had already destroyed two enemy Mitsubishi “Jack” fighters and damaged a third. Mac brings down a Mitsubishi Zeke 52 and ups his total to 24 victories. Before the war is over Mac destroys 3 more enemy aircraft to bring his total score to 27 victories. Mac Flew with the 475th Fighter Group:

The aircraft depicted in the lithograph is the famous Putt-Putt Maru. There were five different P-38s that carried the name familiar to most serious aircraft modelers.

Overall size of this lithograph is 24" x 30."

1250 Signed and Numbered limited edition lithographs $275
Signed by Charles H. MacDonald and 10 P-38 Aces:
Joe Forster
John Loisel
John E. Purdy
"Bo" Reeves
Frank Nichols
Warren Lewis
P.J. Dahl
Elliot Summer
Jack C. Mankin
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