“The Men Who Brought the Dawn - Lonely Flight to Destiny” by Craig Kodera

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Limited Edition Print $895
Size: 23-l/2"w x 17"h

Matching Numbered Print of "Dawn The World Forever Changed" by Bill Phillips also available: $1,790 For the Pair.  They look amazing framed together, or framed separately and hung together.

"'Bock's Car' took off at 3:45 in the morning in pitch black and returned to base at 3:00 in the afternoon. It was basically hazy mid-morning when they were over their target, so the only really good time to picture it, to artistically create a strong print, would be at sunrise. I had originally painted the plane already at altitude, the other way around, with the sun on it and a lot of clouds in the background, but it didn't have the weight I wanted. "Sunrise was also a good time to set the image because I could identify with the crew in a way; having myself flown all-nighters many times - missions that start in the evening and end up overseas as the sun is rising - I really had a feeling for the mental state the air crew was in at the time. I know it was a strenuous and tenuous time for them. That's why I wanted to show the airplane laboring under the weight of its payload and the crew laboring under the weight of its responsibility. That's why I called it 'Lonely Flight to Destiny.'"

Countersigned by:
Charles D. Albury,
Fred J. Olivi,
James F. Van Pelt, Jr.
John D. Kuharek
Raymond C. Gallagher