“Farewell America” by Robert Taylor

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Signed and Numbered Print US $275
Edition Size - 1000
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Edition Size - 50

When the QUEEN MARY, most famous of all the transatlantic ocean liners, retired gracefully to a berth at Long Beach, California in 1967, she brought to an end an era of maritime opulence, romance and glittering extravagance never seen before or since. On just her sixth voyage she took the coveted Blue Riband from the French Lines’ NORMANDIE. On the advent of war she was commissioned as a transport and troop ship, able to carry 15,000 American troops at speed up to 30 knots. The war over, the QUEEN MARY resumed her role as the greatest ocean palace. Robert Taylor recreates a scene from the great ship’s illustrious past, as she sails from New York for Europe in the early post-war period. The QUEEN MARY steams majestically past the Statue of Liberty, her bows pointed eagerly towards the Atlantic.

Overall print size: 38" x 23"

Each print individually hand signed by artist Robert Taylor, numbered, and countersigned by R.M.S. QUEEN MARY’s last skipper: