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Artist's Proof: $156 with a squadron/unit badge drawing on the print border
Remarque Edition: $205
Has a detailed drawing of a Gazelle with a squadron badge added to the print border:
Double Remarque Edition: $390 -
has two detailed drawings with unit badges added to the print border:
Canvas Print Edition: $390 -
replicates the look and feel of the original oil painting. The image size is 30x20 inches.

Michael Rondot's spectacularly detailed painting shows a British Army Gazelle helicopter in action during a live firepower demonstration on Warminster Ranges, Salisbury Plain. Acting as airborne forward air controller, the Gazelle pilot is guiding rocket-firing RAF Harriers in close air support while hovering above a Challenger II tank moving into its firing position. In the background, the rolling Wiltshire hills and distinctive-shaped woods of Salisbury Plain provide a panoramic backdrop that will be familiar to all who wear the Army Flying Badge.

The edition is limited to 250 signed and numbered prints with 50 artist's proofs and remarques and 10 canvas prints.