“Günther Rall-The Authorized Biography” By Jill Amadio

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Softcover Book with Signed Combat Map and Signed Photo

Gunther Rall, fighter ace and NATO general, waited fifty years before authorizing this first biography that chronicles almost a century of his life and coincides with some of the most dramatic moments in the history of the twentieth century. His story spans a childhood in a defeated country, two world wars, the calamity of the Nazi regime, the Cold War, the jet age, his distinguished service as a NATO military representative, his work with the US Air Force, and chief of the new German Air Force. This third ranking ace of all time, who fought on the Eastern Front during World War II, vividly describes aerial dogfights and his 275 victories, being shot down eight times, having his back broken in three places, and the loss of his left thumb. The biography includes Rall's perspective of global affairs that a lifetime of public service has shaped and other reflections.