“Harpooned” by Don Feight

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Printed on 100% acid-free cover stock.
Size is 22"x 28" including a 2" white border.

The WWII Lockheed PV-1 Ventura was a Navy patrol plane based on the commercial Model 18 Lodestar. Even as production began on the Ventura, Lockheed started design work on a version that would better suit the Navy's needs, the PV-2 Harpoon. With an increased wingspan came greater payload and fuel capacity. A redesigned tail improved ground handling and single-engine control. Production was begun late in 1943 and Harpoons saw Pacific theater action in early 1945. Harpoons carried out armed reconnaissance mission as well as rocket and bombing attacks until the end of the war. By the end of WWII almost half of the Navy patrol squadrons were flying the PV-2. The Harpoon became the Navy's standard fleet patrol aircraft for several years after the war until the new Neptune started coming on line. Harpoons served into the 1950s with Navy reserve squadrons.