“Help on the Way” by Bob Byerley

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Fine Arts Poster: $35
Poster size, 24" x 18"

“I suppose we actually heard them before we saw them. We were sitting on the porch swing after dinner. We first heard the dogs barking, sirens wailing, horns honking, wheels clattering and then we saw the cloud of dust and the flashing lights approaching us at break neck speed. Down Miller’s hill they raced; across Carson’s Parking lot, over the curb and onto Elm. Halfway down the block they swerved onto the sidewalk in front of Mr. Ketterling’s house and that’s where they just about lost it. They were the ‘first team’ and the call had gone out for medical assistance as quick as possible. We could see that whatever was wrong down at the corner of Elm and Third would be taken care of immediately because, barring another unforeseen loss of steering, help was on the way.”