“Hit My Smoke” by Peter Loughlin

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Size: 28" x 22" (Comes Rolled)
Framed Size: 33" x 28

Fast forward air controllers flew extremely dangerous low-level missions, spotting targets and marking them for bombers. The Tiger FACs of the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing were based at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base during the Vietnam War. Their mascot was the tiger, and you can see their yellow badge painted on the side of the plane. In the foreground, a Tiger FAC F-4E dives on a group of enemy trucks hastily parked in a clearing. The F-4 pilot has fired a single phosphorus rocket which will create a big cloud of white smoke wherever it hits. The pilot calls to the bombers “Hit my smoke!” if he has marked the target dead-on. In the background, an F-105 Thunderchief dives on a previously marked target. In the distance, a second F-105 circles, waiting to be called in for a strike. The steep limestone mountains or “karsts” are typical of northeastern Laos where this scene is set. Artistic license was used to condense time and space, because the many events of a Tiger FAC mission ordinarily could not all fit into the confines of one image. I was honored to present the original painting to a group of 388th TFW Veterans at their annual reunion. The original painting was later accepted into the United States Air Force Art Collection.