“Holds Her Own” Keith Burns

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Following a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a Luftwaffe Bf110 in the skies over Germany, the eagle-eyed Lancaster gunners turn the tables on their opponent, shooting down the enemy fighter with a blizzard of accurate fire.

It wasn’t only glamorous fighter pilots who managed to chalk up the five kills that earned them the coveted status of ‘ace’. Little known are the seventeen Bomber Command air gunners who skilfully managed to equal the scores of their Fighter Command colleagues. Led by Defiant air gunner Sergeant Frederick Barker of 264 Squadron, top scorer with 13 victories, these ‘forgotten’ aces downed no less than 133 enemy aircraft between them.

Overall print size: 12 ½” wide x 18” high
Image size: 9 ½” wide x 13 ¾” high

In this thrilling painting award-winning graphic artist Keith Burns brings to life the skills required of both Lancaster pilot and gunners as they outwit and successfully destroy an enemy Bf110.