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Studio Print #1 of 3 $8495 Studio print.  Published in 2007.  18 total Luftwaffe veteran signatures.  Both prints have been carefully stored in archival materials and are in like-new condition.

There are signatures 10 on the main print:  Guenther Rall,  Hans Eckard Bob,  Hugo Broch,  Norbert Hannig,  Herbert Koller,  Eric Rudorfer, Walter Schuck,  Hermann Schleinhege,  Guenter Seeger,  Walter Wolfrum

The companion print is is of the original drawing by Robert Taylor of an ME 109 on the runway, ready to take off. This is beautifully matted with a small replica of a Knights Cross.  The black and white companion print, matching number 1/3 with Remarque - an original pencil drawing of an ME 109 and eight additional pilots signatures matted in at the bottom:  Gerald Barkhorn,  Erich Hartmann,  Adolf Galland,  Walter Nowotny,  Johannes Steinhoff, Walter Krupinski,  Werner Molders,  Helmut Wick.

Appropriately, Robert Taylor has chosen the Me109s of JG52 as his subject to represent the fighter pilots of the Luftwaffe in his new tribute to these courageous flyers, with his breathtaking painting Horrido! With the traditional battle cry ringing in their ears, Squadron Commander Hptm Wolfgang Ewald leads pilots of I./JG52 into combat.

Based at Coquelles/Calais in September 1940, the JG-52 Me109s hurtle down in a high-speed dive to engage the enemy during the ferociously fought Battle of Britain. Robert eloquently depicts these sleek and deadly fighters high over the Channel, glinting and menacing against an ominous backdrop of heavy cumulous clouds - the world's foremost aviation artist's skill bringing to life the Luftwaffe's most successful fighter aircraft in action