“I Could Never Be So Lucky Again” by William S. Phillips

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One of the greatest heroes of World War II was also one of the most colorful and famous. James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle set many speed records and engaged in aerial acrobatics at countless air shows. He was also a test pilot and the first man ever to fly completely blind - using only cockpit instruments - from take-off to landing. He once said, "I would never want to relive my life; I could never be so lucky again."

"I thought this was a fitting title. I had dinner with the General. We discussed the pioneer days of aviation and air racing all evening and it was just delightful. It was one of the bright spots of my entire life. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to interview one of aviations's greats."

Artist Proof Edition: Book and Print Package - $1,950 Signed By General James Doolittle:

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