“Jagdfieber - Hunting Party” by Heinz Krebs

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During late 1944 the Luftwaffe introduced the jet fighter, a sensational revolution in aviation technology. The scene depicted here is high above the Tyroloan Alps, where the beginning of the winter of 1944/45 aircraft of the 15th Air Force often clashed with Me-262s. A 94th Fighter Squadron P-38 Lightning and Me-262s of Ekdo Lechfeld have passed one another in a high speed, head on encounter, and are about to turn into the ensuing aerial battle.

Limited Edition of 750: $250 Size 27' x 36"

Each print is personally signed by the Artist
3 P-38 Pilots and 3 Luftwaffe Pilots

Major Erich Rudorffer:
Lt. Herman Bucher:
1st Lt. Walter Schuck
Col Richard E. Willis:
Col Francis Harris:
Lt. Col Edwin Baquet: