“JG-52” Gicleé Canvas by Robert Taylor

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 THE GICLEE STUDIO PROOF: $795 size 41"×29" overall. ($795 unframed, $1145 Framed)

This gorgeous gicleé looks exactly like the original canvas. Hand enhanced by Robert Taylor, the colors are deep and rich, with an amazing level of detail due to the digital printing process.

A Schwarm of Bf109s from JG-52 are about to peel away and, with the battle-cry ‘Horrido!’ ringing in their ears, dive to attack the flight of enemy aircraft spotted below.

JG-52: the name alone brought terror into the hearts of the Red Air Force pilots. By the end of the war the Luftwaffe’s most successful Geschwader had claimed over 10,000 victories, and from within its ranks emerged the top three scoring Aces in the history of air combat; Gerhard Barkhorn, Gunther Rall and, of course, the highest scorer of them all – Erich Hartmann.

Canvas size: 36” wide x 24” high

One of the few Luftwaffe units to fly the Bf109 exclusively throughout the war, JG-52 spawned some of the most talented fighter pilots to take to the sky, honing their skills as they were joined by older, more experienced Aces, legendary names such as Batz, Graf, Steinhoff, Hrabak, Krupinski and Obleser.

Robert Taylor’s legendary painting, JG-52, is widely recognized as one of the most iconic depictions of the Luftwaffe’s most famous fighter wing and the original print edition, published in 1986, was personally signed by many of those famous Aces and rightly commands high prices on the secondary market.

Those prints and original signatures can of course never be replaced; however this famous image is now available as a Masterwork on canvas

Each canvas is hand-signed by the artist Robert Taylor, stamped on the back, hand-numbered and issued with a Certificate of authenticity.

JG-52 - STUDIO PROOF - GICLEE ON CANVAS (Issued pre-stretched)
US $795.

Framed Canvas Giclee $1,145