“Just Another Hole in my Head” by Roy Grinnell

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A limited edition of 100 Signed & Numbered Giclée prints. Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Choose from the following Giclée prints on your choice of canvas or paper:

16" x 20" Signed Open Edition $70
16" x 28"..............$275
24" x 42"..............$525
32" x 56"..............$650
40" x 70"..............$795

On June 4, 1942, 2nd Lt. Charles M. Kunz, USMCR attached to Marine Fighter Squadron 221 at the Battle of Midway, flew his first combat mission strapped to a Brewster F2A-3 Buffalo. Kunz “splashed” two Aichi D3A Dive Bombers. When he landed, he downplayed his injuries, and extraordinary heroism by modestly stating it was “just another hole in my head.”

In Charlie’s words, “I saw tracers go by my cockpit and some bullets ripping my wings. I was making radical turns hoping the pilot couldn’t get steadied on me. I continued flying on a rapid turning course at full throttle when I was hit in the head by a glancing bullet. My plane was badly shot up and I knew it could not be used in another attack. I came to the island and made my proper identifying approach and landed. I landed at 0750. I was very dizzy due to the wound in my head and immediately went to the dispensary.”

Lt. Kunz was awarded the Navy Cross for his action at Midway. He further served in the Solomon and Marshall Islands, and the Korean War. Colonel Kunz retired in 1967 as a Marine Corps “Ace” with Eight Victories to his credit.