“JV-44 Squadron of Experts” by Robert Taylor

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This rare seconday market lithograph print by aviation artist ROBERT TAYLOR entitled “ JV-44 – Squadron Of Experts ” depicts a trio of Messerschmitt Me-262 jet fighters of JV-44 soaring past clouds in the dusk above Germany's Ruhr Valley.

Publication Information and Description : This print was published by the Military Gallery in 1987. The overall size of the print is 23.5” tall by 33” wide. The image area is approximately 15.5” by 25.5”. The print was issued in a strictly limited edition of 1000. These prints were hand signed (in pencil) and numbered by the artist, Robert Taylor , and signed by Luftwaffe Aces and Me-262 pilots General Adolf Galland (104 victories) , Johannes Steinhoff (176 victories), Walter Krupinski (197 victories) and Herbert Kaiser (68 victories). This particular prints numbered “910/1000”. The print includes a certificate of authenticity from the Military Gallery which is hand numbered (#910/1000). The print also includes the promotional sheet issued by the Military Gallery. “A Limited Edition signed by four famous Me 262 pilots, Adolf Galland, Johannes Steinhoff, Walter Krupinski and Herbert Kaiser.” “This is to certify that the print number #910 of 1000 JV 44 by Robert Taylor is the only copy bearing that number: