“Knight’s Cross” by Robert Taylor

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A unique Robert Taylor limited edition individually signed by the highest scoring fighter ace in the history of aerial combat, Colonel Erich Hartmann.

One name stands out above all others in the annuls of air fighting - Erich Hartmann. His prowess in combat became legend even before the course of World War II was run. His 352 aerial victories is a record that is never likely to be surpassed. As the deeds of the great aces of World War II become misted in time, his name above all will be remembered for his astonishing record.

Supreme flying skills with the courage and ability to push his aircraft to the very limit, were his trade mark. His method of attack was to approach at high speed and get in so close to his adversary 'that his aircraft filled my windshield' before firming his guns. This required great flying skill, considerable nerve and was not without its problems: On eight occasions Hartmann's own aircraft was brought down by the debris of his opposite number. Robert Taylor's dramatic limited edition KNIGHTS CROSS recreates one of the 'blond knight's' famous combats high over the Eastern Front.

Depicting a typical high speed pass, Hartmann's Me109 has closed to within 100 metres of the Russian Ilyushin II, ignoring the stream of rear-facing machine gun fire, to nail his quarry with pin-point accuracy. The rear gunner is seen climbing over the side of the stricken aircraft to parachute to safety. Hartmann makes his cross decisive and effective and another victory is recorded for the world's greatest fighter ace. Robert Taylor's painting is both awesome and beautiful. With typical flair this supreme aviation artist brings the action to life in a majestic panorama high above the Russian Front.