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555 Limited Edition: $110
Overall size: 22" x 29"
Image size: 18" x 27"
S/N by Artist

Airplane Type: MiG-21J

On the 9th of September 1972, Captains John Madden and Chuck DeBellevue acquired a MiG-21J on radar and maneuvered to attack. Madden and DeBellevue made the first move. They got a visual on the MiG about 5 miles out on final approach for landing at Phuc Yen Airbase with his gear and flaps down. Getting a lock on him, they fired two AIM-7 missiles, which were ineffective. They came up next to the MiG about 200 feet apart. "He got a visual on us, snatched up his gear and flaps and hit afterburner, accelerating out. It became obvious we weren't going to get a quick shot at the MiG."


Captain John Madden
Captain Chuck DeBellevue