“Low Level Lightning” by Dru Blair

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Small Open Edition: $40
Size: 11" x 14"
Signed Open Edition: $65
Size 24" x 36"
Large Giclee Canvas Edition: $495

Imagine the roar of thundering engines as the B-1B screams across the desert, just a few feet above its surface. This is where the B-1B is in its element: low, fast, and untouchable. The desert hare, startled at the sudden appearance of the massive aircraft, dashes for cover. "Low Level Lightning" is carefully reproduced on 100 lb. Archival Stock, each print is individually signed and inspected by the artist for color consistency and accuracy. An edition of 100 signed and numbered artist proofs are available for $165 in the 24" x 36" format. A medium sized print is also offered for $40.00.

"Low Level Lightning" is also available as a Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay'), which refers to a 7-color print which utilizes the latest in digital technology to reproduce art with breathtaking accuracy. This is the largest and most expensive version of our print line, usually measuring an overall 42" inches wide, and printed on museum quality Hahnemuhle paper for $495. A near perfect replica of the original painting, Giclée prints are limited to only 50 examples of each image, and are created for the most discriminating collectors.

Letter of appreciation: To the men and women of Edwards AFB for the distinct honor of allowing me to paint the nose art on B-1B #68. "In particular, I wish to thank Lt Col James McGinley, Mr. Wally Buchholz, TSGT Joe Weiler, SSGT Gary Kundinger, SSGT Pete Seiler, SSGT Chuck Klein, SSGT Jerad Krueger, SRA Victor Williams, SRA D.C. Roney, AIC Jason Monteil, SMST Rafael Cancino, Lt. Stewart Hammons. And lastly, Malia Maioho, an extraordinary person of singular character and professional ability. ~ Dru Blair