“Lucky Jane” by Anthony Saunders

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The Avro Lancaster can justifiably claim to have been the RAF’s most successful bomber of WWII. Following its first operational sortie in 1942, for the last three years of the war the Lancaster, supported by the Halifax, formed the backbone of Bomber Command’s relentless offensive against strategic industrial targets of Nazi Germany. Night after night the brave airmen took off knowing that highly-trained Luftwaffe crews and ferocious ground-based defences awaited them over objectives that included shipyards, the aircraft industry, transport, synthetic oil plants along with anything else deemed responsible for keeping its war machine functioning.

In tribute to this legendary aircraft and the brave crews who flew her, Anthony has fittingly chosen to depict one of the select few Lancasters which completed more than 100 operational sorties during the war, in fact QR-J 'Just Jane' survived an incredible 123 missions! 

With holes in her fuselage, wings and fin and with her outer port engine feathered we see the damaged bomber, having crossed the English coast, descend through cloud towards an emergency landing at RAF Matlaske in Norfolk.

The Limited Edition   Each print is hand numbered and personally signed by Anthony.  200 Limited Edition:   $70

The Matted Collector's Edition & Artist Proofs:

Adding considerable historic significance, each copy in these restricted editions has been signed for posterity by a highly-regarded Lancaster veteran who flew on operations during WWII and mounted to full conservation standards to include the original and authentic autographs of two famous WWII Lancaster veterans, including a pilot who received the Victoria Cross whilst flying with 61 Squadron:
  • Warrant Officer TED KEY Ld’H (signed print)
    Flight Lieutenant BILL REID VC (matted)
  • Squadron Leader NORMAN SCRIVENER DSO DFC (matted)
  • 25 Collector's Edition: $175        15 Artist Proofs: $245