“Milne Bay - The Turning Point” by Robert Taylor

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The Limited Edition US $260
Edition Size - 400
The Collectors Edition US $360
Edition Size - 150
The Artist Proofs US $460
Edition Size - 50

The Battle for Milne Bay in New Guinea was a story of true grit, determination, and valour; it was the moment when the Imperial Japanese Army tasted defeat on land for the first time in nearly three centuries. In the space of two weeks, the Japanese attempt to capture Milne Bay was halted, and any ambitions they might have held to invade Australia, thwarted.

That victory was due in no small part to the Kittyhawks of 75 and 76 Squadrons RAAF. Robert Taylor’s powerful new painting depicts Kittyhawks from 75 and & 76 Squadrons RAAF, returning to No 1 Strip after attacking Japanese positions during the Battle for Milne Bay.

Under the starboard wing of the lead aircraft, ‘Polly’, the smoke of action is clearly visible as the Japanese press from their landing site, along the coast towards the airstrip. ‘Polly’, now beautifully restored, resides in the Australian War Memorial Museum in Canberra, a tribute to the men and machines who stopped the Japanese in New Guinea.

Overall Print Size: 251⁄8" wide x 191⁄4" high
Companion print: 197⁄8" wide x 151⁄8" high

Prints are signed by RAAF veterans who flew and fought in Kitty-hawks with 75 and 76 squadrons at the Battle for Milne Bay.

THE LIMITED EDITION (print numbers 151 – 550) $260
The complete edition is individually signed by the following two P-40 veterans who flew and fought at Milne Bay, to represent 75 & 76 Squadrons RAAF. Each copy is also signed by the artist and hand-numbered:

Flight Lieutenant H. A. ‘HARRY’ KERR MID
Flight Lieutenant ARTHUR D. TUCKER

The THREE signature Artist Proofs are additionally signed by:

THE COLLECTORS EDITION (print numbers 1 - 150):$360

Flight Lieutenant RAIFE J. COWAN
Flight Lieutenant A. J. ‘NAT’ GOULD
Flight Lieutenant NOEL C. TODD
Squadron Leader BRUCE D. WATSON DFC