“Moonbeam McSwine” John Young

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e P-51D is painted in the markings of Capt. William T. Whisner's "Moonbeam McSwine". In the fall of 1943 Capt. Whisner joined the 487th Fighter Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group based in Bodney England. The Fighter group was famously known as "the Blue-nosed Bastards of Bodney".
































































During World War II, Capt. Whisner was credited with 15 1/2 aerial victories, making him a triple Ace. He went on to become an Ace in the Korean War as well, flying the F-86 Sabre. Whisner, by this time a full Colonel, went on to serve two tours as a fighter pilot and Squadron commander in Vietnam.
































































He retired from active duty in 1989 and settled in his home state of Louisiana. On July 21, 1989, Colonel Whisner died from a yellow jacket bee sting while gardening in his back yard.
































































John Young was born in Bristol, England in 1930. His love affair with aviation began after a visit to Sir Alan Cobham's National Aviation Day air show in a farmer's pasture near his home in Chesham.
































































Watching Eighth Air Force B-17s and B-24s operate out of nearby Bovingdon during WWII further fueled Young's interest in aviation and helped develop his historic interest in aviation. Young has painted professionally since 1950.
































































In 1960, after having established a career in illustration for many aviation manufacturers, airlines, air forces, and publishers, Young went freelance to further develop his talents and move towards the world of fine art. Young's work has exhibited in the inaugural and subsequent exhibitions of the Society of Aviation Artists, now known as the Guild of Aviation Artists.
































































Forty-five of Young's original paintings are displayed in the R.A.F. Museum in Hendon and countless others are in private and corporate collections in the U.S. and England. John Young's stature as an aviation artist is unrivalled.
































































He was awarded the Guild Medal of Aviation Artists in 1983, and has in addition won many other prizes. From 1987, John served a term as Chairman of the Guild of Aviation Artists and he is still an active Committee member. Born in 1930, John has painted since 1950, gaining his technical knowledge during service in the Royal Air Force.
































































His work combines a truthful representation of technical subjects with sensitivity to the many moods of sky and land. But it is in his remarkable ability to tell a story through his work that his greatest talent lies. A widely acclaimed book has been published featuring his internationally collected work, and over the years he has established himself as one of the most admired and valued aviation and transport artists in the world.