“One More Close to Home” Keith Burns

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Displaying skills learnt only in combat the crew of a B-17G live up to their bomber’s Flying Fortress name to dispatch an enemy Bf109 with a hail of blistering defensive fire.

When Boeing first unveiled their new B-17 a local journalist was quick to notice the machine’s bristling array of .50 calibre machine-guns. He described the new bomber as a ‘15-ton ‘flying fortress’. The name stuck and it wouldn’t be too long before the Luftwaffe would come face to face with the Fortress’s heavy punch.

Overall print size: 12 ½” wide x 18” high
Image size: 9 ½” wide x 13 ¾” high

In his exciting painting 'One More Closer To Home', award-winning artist Keith Burns illustrates just how dangerous tangling with an Eighth Air Force Fortress could be as he pilot of a Bf109 gets more than he bargained for whilst trying to intercept a B-17G of the 351st Bomb Group heading home to Polebrook.