“Prey for Mercy” by John Shaw

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LIMITED EDITION OF 1,000: $195  Artist Signed:  Exclusive to Virginia Bader Fine Arts - FREE GUENTHER RALL MAP - Signed by Guenther.

ARCHIVAL PAPER GICLEE EDITION: $295  (250 total prints, signed & numbered by artist)
Same dimensions as the lithograph edition, but printed in a beautiful satin paper giclée edition.
Includes Certificate of Authenticity

ARTIST PROOF EDITION: $445 -  1 Left  Limited Availability - Order Soon (100 total APs) Includes the f Certificate of Authenticity• ORIGINAL FRANZ STIGLER AUTOGRAPH -
from yr 2000 autograph sesTo addsion• Optional items to include in matting/framing, including:• Display Card with signature window featuringcolor illustration of Stigler’s Bf-109• Custom-embroidered JG-27 “Dancing Bear”
squadron patch

Publisher Proof $545 - 1 Left

Includes Stigler autograph, pilot portraits, JG27 “Dancing Bear” Patch, plus “Long First Mission“companion print (shown above)

(35 Special Editions)  Digitally-printed as Satin-finish archival paper giclée with PRINTED REMARQUE by artist in border of Stigler’s “White 2"  escorting Ye Olde Pub to safety.

Dimensions: 22.5” x 33" (overall), 16.5” x 28” (image) Printed on beautiful acid-free 120 lb. stock. All prints include Certificate of Authenticity.

The Story Begins…

An American B-17 crew was certain they’d not live to see Christmas 1943… Mortally wounded and easy prey for Franz Stigler, whose ambitions to avenge the brother he’d lost at the war’s opening had earned him glory as an ace many times over - A 3rd kill in such a short period of time would certainly win him the coveted Knight’s Cross. The prospect was so easy… But upon reaching his helpless foe, would he claim the prize? Or would his conscience demand that he answer a Higher Call?

In one of the most inspiring stories to spring from the horrors of World War II, this honorable man’s decision to show mercy to his enemy would one day yield rewards far greater than any his country could bestow- the lives of many men & their grandchildren, and friendship with a one-time foe which would equal that of his own brother.

Now, three quarters of a century later, artist John D. Shaw recreates another visual snapshot from this remarkable incident in history...