“Heading Home to Duxford” Original Painting by Anthony Saunders

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Framed Original Painting: $26,950 Canvas Size 36x24”
In his captivating new painting Anthony captures the scene as the P-51D Mustangs of 78th Fighter Group skim over the picturesque village of Blakeney in north Norfolk as they return home to their base at Duxford.

Peering from frosty cockpits the pilots once again glimpse the welcome sight of the ancient church whose unique twin towers that once guided long-forgotten mariners to a safe and bustling berth, now beckon the tired aviators as they head for home. In the foreground Lt. William Spengler in his P-51D “Buzzin’ Cuzzin” leads the 83rd Fighter Squadron over the heavily silted channels and wide salt marshes where even the roar of their mighty Merlin engines for once seem quieter. Soon they’ll be landing back at base with the chance to relax and enjoy a few hours’ rest away from the harshness of war because tomorrow, no doubt, they’ll be up flying combat once more.