“Spirit Visitation” by Rick Herter

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On the night of January 18, 2017, B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers and their aircrews launched from Whiteman AFB, MO.

Over the next 35 hours, the aircraft and their crews would make USAF history by flying one of the longest combat missions ever. After nearly 16 hours and multiple inflight refuelings, the ominous shapes of two B-2’s appeared in the night sky near Sirte, Libya.

Within moments of arriving, explosive steel rained down from the darkness upon the heads of ISIL terrorists and their desert camps. In a hail of hell fury, the enemy was utterly destroyed and the crews turned their aircraft toward home.

This mission proved, once again, that no enemy anywhere in the world is safe from the B-2 and the warriors that fly and support their operation.

This print depicts the 509th Bomb Wing and Operation Odyssey Lightning. The 509th Bomb Wing is the only unit in the world to fly the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber.