“Spitfire” by Darryl Legg

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A Commemorative Trilogy Remembering THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN The Supermarine Spitfire Mk I Ensemble Edition

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The Spitfire was, and still is, an icon of aviation history. In 1940 it came to symbolise the fighting spirit of a nation when control of its skies was the last remaining barrier to enemy invasion. Standing alone against the assembled might of German Forces, only the devil-may-care courage and sheer determination of the RAF’s young pilots, stood between Hermann Goering and his mighty Luftwaffe.

When the Battle of Britain began in the summer of 1940, although it was the Hurricane squadrons that bore the brunt of the fighting, it was the Spitfire that fired the nation’s imagination. Arguably the greatest defensive fighter ever built, this legendary little fighter, revered by its pilots and feared by it foes, earned a place in aviation folklore like no other aircraft before it or since.

This new Ensemble pays homage to the Spitfire Mk I and the dashing young pilots that flew it in combat in the Battle of Britain. The highly accurate rendition by prominent aviation artist Darryl Legg is triple mounted with gold plated RAF pilots wings and carries the original signatures of three of the greatest Battle of Britain pilots ever to fly the Spitfire in combat

Air Commodore Alan Deere, DSO DFC
Wing Commander Bob Stanford-Tuck, DSO DFC
Wing Commandeer Don Kingaby, DSO, AFC, DFM

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