“Steinhoff’s Charge” by Jim Laurier

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Around 8 a.m. on August 25, 1943, German fighter ace Johannes Steinhoff took off from Foggia airbase in southern Italy to test a new engine that had been installed in his Messerschmitt 109 G6. Oberleutnant Theo Lindemann flew as his wingman. Only a few miles from Foggia, Steinhoff and Lindemann encountered approximately 140 P-38 Lightnings inbound from their bases in North Africa for an early morning surprise attack on the German airfields in the area. In a head-on pass, Steinhoff fired into the Lightnings, downing two. One of the P-38 pilots bailed out and was captured by the Germans. Steinhoff asked to see the American and learned his name was Capt. Widen. Steinhoff invited Widen to be his guest for dinner that evening. The two men enjoyed friendly conversation late into the night and got very drunk on the local wine, undoubtedly part of Steinhoffs' plan to ensure no escape would be attempted by Mr. Widen