“Sturm Jäger” by Randy Green

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Feldwebel Oskar Bösch’s Focke-Wulf 190A-8/R2 of Sturm-Staffel 1 IV/JG3 "Udet" 1944

As a native of Austria, Oskar Bösch grew up in the mountains where his love of flying fostered at an early age. Learning to design, build and fly his own gliders he eventually joined the Luftwaffe in August of 1942 and volunteered for Sturm-Staffel 1. He would be shot-down eight times in combat, with four bail-outs and four crash landings. Bösch lost eight FW-190's while flying a total of 120 combat missions over a twelve month operational period. His last mission ended in a mid-air collision with a Russian Yak-9 over the skies of Berlin during the closing days of the war. Captured by Russian ground forces, he escaped several days later, and walked 1,000 kilometers back to Austria. During his career he scored a total of eighteen victories, earning the Iron Cross First and Second Class. Among his many victories were a Spitfire, a Mustang, two B-24's, six B-17's,two Yak-9's, two LAGG-5's, and four IL-2's.