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During the height of the Battle of Britain many such scenes would have been witnessed off our shores. Head to head in combat, two of the most famous and successful fighter types of the war, the Supermarine Spitfire and the Messerschmitt bf109 are seen in mortal combat over Beachy Head. For some time in fact the bf109 was superior to the Spitfire due to the carburettor design that allowed the 109 to plunge steeply into a dive without the engine cutting out. The achieve the same end result the Spitfire had to go into a half roll -the pilot would then pull hard on the stick to put the aircraft into a dive with the engine experiencing positive gravity force. Both types were in service throughout the war with the Spitfire and the 109 undergoing many changes to upgrade their performance and fire power

Artist signed limited edition of 500 giclee prints: $118
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