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The young Lancaster crew arrive at their aircraft in preparation for an operational sortie over Germany. This print is done as a tribute to those unsung crews of Main Force who went towards their thankless task, night after night, in the full knowledge that, statistically, they probably wouldn't survive their tour of 30 ops.

Main Edition: $130
Artist Proof Edition - with 4 Veteran Signatures: $165

Artist Proofs Signed by:
Flt Lt. Steve Stevens, Lancaster Pilot - 31 Ops in 1943 of 51 Squadron:
Sq. Ldr Frank Leatherdale, Lancaster navigator 115 Sq and 7 Sq. 58 Ops
W/O Ryston Clark, a wireless operator with 101, who completed 30 Ops
before being shot down on his last mission.
WAAF's Cpl. Maureen Stevens, RT Operator who "talked the bombers down",
including at Scampton on the night of the Dambusters Raid: