“The Vital Link” by Keith Ferris

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The Vital Link, Lithographic print, 24" x 30" L/E 450  Signed and numbered by the artist

The Boeing E-6 aircraft provides vital communication links between US command authority and undersea forces.

Orbiting at 25,000 feet, at minimum airspeed, above the far reaches of the worlds oceans, the Boeing E-6 "TACAMO" aircraft provides the vital communications link between the national command authority and our worldwide nuclear undersea forces. The E-6 serves as the communications relay platform which retransmits, at very low frequencies, through an antenna reaching nearly to the surface of the ocean, secure messages to the submerged submarine forces at sea. The E-6 is a development of Boeing's 707-300 airframe, powered by four GE CFM56 turbofan engines. It is equipped with an air refueling receptacle giving the aircraft virtually unlimited endurance.*

. ... Price: $100.00