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Remarque copies have a detailed drawing of a Puma helicopter added to the print border: $305
Double remarque copies have two detailed drawings added to the print border: $390
Canvas prints replicate the look and feel of the original oil painting. $390
The image size is 30x20 inches:

Westland Puma helicopters from No.230 Squadron SHFNI overhead Bessbrook, South Armagh.

In the background are familiar landmark features Sleive Gullion, Camloch Ridge and Camloch. The operating area around South Armagh patrolled and resupplied by Pumas was marked by a network of observation posts and security posts that kept watch on activity close to the border areas of "Bandit Country".

The dark threatening sky and brilliant greens of the landscape are familiar features of the "soft rain" weather that prevails in this part of Northern Ireland