“Time to Head Home” by William S. Phillips

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Artist Proof Edition: $240  Size 29-1/4"w x 19-3/4"h

An F4-U4 Corsair VF-791 belonging to the Fighting Rebels, a reserve squadron from Memphis, Tennessee, unleashes its rocks against a target hidden among the snow-clad mountains of Korea. Its mission accomplished, it's time for the fighter to head home.

This Corsair's home is the aircraft carrier USS "Boxer" CV-21 stationed off the coast of Korea. The F4-U4 was introduced on October 31, 1944, and was used by both the US Navy and US Marine Corps. It was the first of the four-bladed propeller Corsairs and it was powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-2800-18W engine or a 42W in the later models. Armed with six 50-caliber machine guns, the F4-U4 had a rating as a 451 mph fighter.