“Two for Drew” by Brian Bateman

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Signed by Urban "Ben" Drew Size 20" x 30"

The scene was October 7, 1944, Lt. Urban “Ben” Drew was flying escort with the 361st Fighter Group in P-51D “Detroit Miss” over Achmer airfield when he spotted unidentified aircraft lined up on the runway below awaiting takeoff. Drew, his wingman, and element leader broke off and started a steep dive from 15,000 feet closing in on the enemy aircraft which were taking off line astern. Upon reaching the aircraft, which were now identified as ME-262s, Drew fired away and immediately hit the rear 262. As Ben puts it: “I have never seen a plane before or since totally disintegrate as the one that day. It just vanished.” By then the second 262 had realized his situation and started a climbing turn to the left - his undoing. Flying through the explosion form the first kill, Ben pulled back on the stick and proceeded to shoot down the second jet - two in one action! The entire shoot down took place in just 31 seconds. Drew was given credit but his claims were unconfirmed until 40 years later when Georg-Peter Eder, an accomplished pilot with the Luftwaffe who witnessed the attack, confirmed his claim to U.S. officials. On May 12, 1983, Drew was awarded the Air Force Cross for his action that October day, 1944.